Visit to London
22 April, 2017
Rajmohan Gandhi and his wife Usha visited London in April 2017 for a series of public and private events. Some of his lectures and interviews are available.
Turn searchlight inward, says Rajmohan Gandhi
23 March, 2017
Those who want India to stay pluralist, must conserve strength, correct mistakes, construct networks, writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Indian Express
Leaders too must be spoken to
10 January, 2017
"Democracy demands," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in The Tribune, "that a leader listens, learns, takes questions, and answers them."
Michigan State University awards Rajmohan Gandhi an Honorary Degree
19 December, 2016
Lou Anna Simon, president of Michigan State University, where Rajmohan Gandhi has served this fall as a Distinguished Hannah Visiting Professor, awarded him 'the honorary degree of Doctor of Humanities'.
"Nehru for our time"
14 November, 2016
"India needs to recall its first prime minister for his love and passion for personal liberty," says Rajmohan Gandhi in the Indian Express.
Article in The Indian Express
8 October, 2016
"Calm down," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in The Indidan Express. "This is a time of surgical strikes, hysteria, hostility to dissent. Why frankness, debate, questioning must follow."